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Sestina on the Arms of Shadowed Stars

Alan Fairfax            

Today I write representing a noble:
Maggie, of land named for stars all in shadow
In this Pearl Challenge I strive as a Laurel
Using the power of words to encompass
The truths concealed in a meaningful image
Lord, may my words, just like silence, be golden

Though all the arts produce beauty that's golden
The art of poetry is the most noble
Words in your mind's eye evoke a true image.
First see the field of Or scattered with shadow
Four-pointed stars, then the pall between compass
Stars all of azure, a wreath made of laurel.

Of all the gifts that are given the laurel
That which speaks most to the heart is most golden
The unseen wonders are poets' to compass
Visions of virtues most truly are noble
Beauty that's outwardly seen is just shadow
The truth lays under the visible image

Witness the meaning behind the arms' image
Home stands where three rivers meet--that's the laurel
Stars guide the way when the day lies in shadow
City surrounded by grain that is golden
Gathered together in barony noble
We found our place when we followed the compass

As wandering feet are brought home by the compass
So do our paths coincide in the image
Formed in our hearts of a barony noble
Just as an athlete will run for the laurel
We seek our home like a prize that is golden
Choosing the light and disdaining the shadow

At night the starlight's beam guides us through shadow
So are we guided by chivalry's compass
No joy is greater, no bracelet more golden
Than when we manage to reflect the image
Of the dream formed in the lands of the laurel
Vision of people whose hearts are made noble

Dreams cast a shadow that's seen in this image
Inspiring all who live under the laurel
To build a society golden and noble

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