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Scroll Text: Pelican for Maire ingen Dauith

Cerian Cantwr            

Oh, the things I could tell you, you would not believe
Of the lady, bold Maire ingen Dauith.
For her stories are many - one scroll is not ample.
So I'll say this instead - by way of example:

Listen good rapier rats from near and from far
To the tale of Maire, from the Land of the Star.
How north, to the cold Tre-Girt-Sea shores she came,
Where Dragons didn't play any rapier games.

This fact made her sad, this fact made her glum
"This kingdom we've come to, it just is no fun!
They don't dance the duello or prance with cold steel
We must help them to know of the joy that we feel."

"We'll teach them of parries, of thrusts, and of blocks -
Release rats to carry the rapier pox.
We'll teach them of tourneys and melees so grand,
'Advance, slay them all!' - that's my favorite plan."

From a lone pair of rats in a darkened ship's hold
She's helped change our game in ways manifold.
By being the Swashbuckling Plague's diplomats
She became the Godmother of all rapier rats.

Yes, there've been a few changed she first arrived,
Good things tend to happen where The Maire has strived.
She supports, she inspires, makes sure things get done -
Sees to it that all those around her have fun.

Today is for all those who quietly serve
Their toils so tricky to note and observe.
Though subtle, they're vital to this game we all play
That's why We make Maire a Pelican this day.

For she wears many hats, but these most of all:
Wife, mother, and friend - she inspires us all.
The Mid-Realm can't function without such as she
So say We, King Cameron and Queen Amalie.

Done this 23rd day of August, AS 49
while sitting on our thrones in our Shire of Swordcliff.

Scroll by THL Saraswati man Ikkam

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