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Coconuts and Friends

Cerian Cantwr            

Beware of coconuts and friends!
On this, your life depends -
For those nuts will be a falling
When their friends have come a calling.
Coconuts and friends,
Nefarious are their ends.
Beware of coconuts and friends.

Verse 1:
There are hunters in the tropics
Who discourse on diverse topics -
They strike down each beast who stalks
Upon the land.
Though they haven’t any eye,
They will still their prey espy,
And fall upon their victims
Where they stand.

They can hunt by day or night,
Though are hidden in plain sight.
From their stealthy silent strike,
You can’t defend.
Heed the warning that I mention:
Do not draw their dread attention -
Or your life will shortly meet
Its’ sorry end.

Verse 2:
These marauders of the trees,
Who do strike where e’er they please,
Once they get upon your trail,
There’s no escape.
You won’t have a chance to flee.
They’ll descend most rapidly,
Though they lack efficient aero-
Dynamic shape.

Should you chance to pass their way,
You will surely rue the day.
They can strike you down no matter
What you do.
If you flee them, they will follow.
They don’t need no stinkin’ swallow.
For they will to the ends of
Earth pursue.

Verse 3:
They do fall as fast can be.
Terminal velocity:
A phrase that now acquires
Whole new weight
Soon your noggin will be rockin’,
On your skull they’ll be a knockin’,
As they come a crashing down
Upon your pate.

If through ill chance you may be found
Where these nuts come crashing down.
Bear in mind these words you now do
Hear from me:
Keep yourself most far away
From where these hunters stalk their prey.
Don’t stand around for long Be-
Neath a tree.

© 2011 Charles Grab

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