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Candy Bug

Cerian Cantwr            

Itís said there lives a bug in the land of Goolabare
Mysteriously magical and ever or so rare
It must be nearly mythical or so some do insist
How else could such a wondrous bug ever have been missed?

Its bodyís made of jelly beans, its wings of sugar strands
Its legs consist of gumdrops that have three flavor bands
It flies around your head, sometimes it does a figure eight
Which turns into a licorice whip that falls down on your plate.

It walks across the forest floor and leaves a trail thatís white
Itís made of powdered sugar that will blow away at night
It weaves a cotton candy shell, the fortunate few may find,
Which has a cherry center inside a chocolate rind.

It turns vegetables to marzipan and fruits into a pie
Makes salad into chocolate cake by the winking of its eye
It can even change a plate or bowl into a tasty treat
Your favorite kind of cookie that you really like to eat.

It only sips from honey sticks and bathes in lemonade
It swims in chocolate fountains leads a marshmallow parade
It summers at brown sugar beach in lemon drop moonlight lit
In winter skis the slippery slopes of mount banana split.

Some think that they have seen it from the corner of their eye
A floating trail of sugar dust remains as it zips by
If you have glimpsed the candy bug, be glad of what youíve seen
That impossible confection of all treats that eíer have been.

© 2008 Charles Grab

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