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Who Can Stand Against Us Now?

Wyndreth Berginsdottir            

(on the occasion of Northshield's Kingdomhood)

The gryphon learned to fly on Mayhawk's wings;
Star-Heart wove us a future of our own.
Now we watch as our Princes turn to Kings
In the unbroken line of the Stellar Throne!

Who can stand against us now?
The gryphon is older and wiser for its years!
Who can stand against us now,
bound to each other by triumph and by tears!

The bloodline of the Star Throne is as restless as the wind,
as fair as each season, as resolute as stone.
Look back down the ages now to where that line begins;
Heed, each one who joins it, for no one stands alone!


While Honor Over Victory remains our spear and shield,
our warband assembled shines as brilliant as the sun.
Give grim glory to our foemen until they die or yield
with a heart as pure after as before the fight's begun!


Our land it bears the burdens of our sorrows and our shame;
The nature, the number of our glories and our woe.
It's rocks and plains are graven with each footstep and each name
Of those who made this journey and did not fear to go.


Look into the faces of the people at your side:
These are you brothers, your sisters and your kin.
Hold close the ones who live and shout the names of those who died
for while we stand, unbroken, we each will live again!


© 1996 K L Kahan

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