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Elashava's Line

Wyndreth Berginsdottir            

In the Northern night
where the snow falls the deepest
and the wind has teeth,
the brightest star of all shines.
Gwyneth taught us this pure truth.

Hear the thunder roll
in hills all green as summer.
Horses race the storm,
their hooves like war drums sounding,
to kneel before Kassandra.

Blossoms of all hues
bloom bright from the skeins of Spring.
Therica knows each,
makes a brilliant tapestry
with her needles and her will.

The wind, it bays loud
and tracks the golden steppes.
But not as swiftly
or as fierce as those keen hounds
who fly to Nina's bidding.

In the dark night sky,
like banners wove of rainbow
or ghost-fires burning,
the Northern Lights hold their court.
Prism's grace outshines them all.

Wisdom burns the flame
as long as learning fuels it
and teaching fans it.
Fiona kindles the spark
into the fires that warm us.

On the dusty road
to War with the dire Tiger
many soldiers tread.
Isabel walks among them,
wields sword and smile as equals,

In the meadow stands
an oak amid the briers.
Steadfast she stands tall
through the wind and rain and fire.
This oak, she is Kelinda.

The truth of iron
is in its strength and beauty.
In the world of steel
Eilika is a fine blade,
fair and fearsome defender.

The warm breeze carries
the perfume of the desert
through these green valleys.
The sun's own exotic gift
is Jasamin, desert bloom.

Silk so light it floats
like wings of cloud in moonlight.
Leyla is that silk--
graceful as rippled water,
as unbreakable, as strong.

The steppes' rolling plains
ring with young mirth and laughter--
Aramanthra's horde.
She holds the Northshield's future
as she holds the children's hands.

Elashava comes.
Strong weft to these many strands,
weaving history
and legacy and future
in one great bright band: Northshield!

© 05/01/2002 Karen L. U. Kahan

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