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Death-Song of Golden Osis Ring-giver

Wyndreth Berginsdottir            

In Honor of His Grace Thorbjorn Osis Brandsson, young and mighty.

On thunder-wing, lightning-shod,
come Screamer, Gnasher, Woe-bringer, all.
Feather-clad, sword-girt, Odin-sent
ride they to Midgard
to choose from the race of Men
one worthy to board bench
in Odin's meadhall;
to bear bright blade
at Ragnarok fell.

Rides the road Golden Osis Jarl,
pony driving homeward
news to bring of foemen felled,
of kinsmen well-met
at week's end.

Thewful, he; broad of back
and strong of limb;
golden-haired and comely.
Gives he rings freehanded
and offers host-mead
when worthy wights
finds he in warholm
or in great hall.

Foremost the Many-Crowned Jarl
to the battle-stead goes,
leads warriors fierce
in number and strength!
To the spear-dance
singing they wend,
rich raven-fare leaving they
wherever they stand!

Maidens sigh,
foemen pale and tremble,
to see him mail-clad,
bathed in war-dew,
mirthful laughing as
helms he cleaves
and byrnies sunders!

First, he, Golden Osis Jarl,
to free foemens' heart-tide.
First, he, Thorbjorn Thunderer,
to wend the wood
of Trees-of-Thrud
and hew them each
timber to tinder!

Exulting, they, the Valkyries
savage singing warshriek fearsome!

"Chosen this one is: Golden Jarl!
Chosen is Golden Osis Ring-Giver!"

"Fear this one, O Sons of Loki!
Bears he bright death in both his hands!
Bears he Sigfather's shining mark!"

"Mourn this one, O Sons of Man!
Rejoice he walked this time among you
for one such as he escapes not long
our notice or Allfather's Eye!"

"The Norns say this:
With his mighty tread
will Valhalla ring,
before the gold-wealth of his hair
bears age-silver strands!"

Karen L.U. Kahan 5/1999

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