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We Are the Midlands

Lyrics: master Cerian Cantwr           
Music: The River Song
            by Master Hector
            of the Black Height

We are the Midlands, you can hear our laughter ring.
We are the Midlands, listen to our song.
We are the Midlands, we can accomplish anything.
Come join the Midlands, come sing along.

The Midlands is a place that's not found on any map.
It lies down deep inside of us - you can't draw things like that.
It is a state of mind, not beans of some bureaucrat.
We joyously proclaim, we are the Midlands.

While others are so dour in everything they do
In laughter there's more power, to help you see things through.
We somehow seem to see things from a different point of skew.
'Tis our hobby, we have fun - we are the Midlands.

We always serve with spirit, at hard work we'll not scoff.
When the army fights you'll hear it, singing in the key of 'off'.
We strive to bring forth beauty from stone and steel and cloth.
These are the things we do, we are the Midlands.

Each land does have a symbol of it's dreams and of it's hopes.
We have the dragon annulo, mad monks, and weasalopes.
We also have the river - whatever comes, it copes.
Just like it we'll flow on, we are the Midlands.

Whatever comes tomorrow, we all will do our part.
With a smile, and with laughter, and a lightness of the heart.
We do not know the future, but towards it we will start.
Together we'll go on, we are the Midlands.

Lyrics © 2002 Charles Grab
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