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Water Falls

Master Cerian Cantwr            

Oh I am a drop of water, a splash of H2O
And I get about by floating most everywhere I go.
There's one issue in the idyll that keeps me up at nights.
Though I am a drop of water, I am afraid of heights.

Oh, it's hard to be a liquid filled with acrophobia.
The other water droplets all do frown.
For when plunging from a height, I'm petrified with fright.
So, I close my eyes and scream the whole way down.

Some think waterfalls fantastic. I find them rather drastic,
A stomach churning lurch to gravity's call.
For my day, it would be made, with no crashing great cascade -
Where my elevation changes not at all.

My respect for earth knows no dearth, and for fire I've no ire -
Although at times the two of us compete.
It's the element of air that I simply can not bear.
Especially when it's underneath my feet.


I cheerfully would whistle to be on the abyssal
Plain, for there's the deepest darkness there.
Where the light can not be found, that's the down-iest of down
And the atmosphere's kept safely way up there.

Just when I've settled on the notion to stay down in the ocean,
Some cumulo nimble fingers chance to pass.
And though I shout out, "Not again! I don't want to fall like rain!"
The silly bugger's head's up in his... clouds.


© 2011 Charles Grab
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