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A Star is Born

Davydd of Illiton            

A star was born one starry night
In the long ago, quite well and right
He grew up bright as stars will do
On care and hope, this star so new.

He grew up brave, and strong and fair
He grew up wise, without a care
And when his youth had passed him by
He found his place in the starry sky.

But he made a vow in his shining mind
As a child of the sky of the starry kind
That as long as the fire within him shone
He would shed that light on everyone.

And hide it not with hate or wrath
Or petty thoughts, or cunning craft
But clear and bright his light would be
To light up moons and land and seas.

For light is truth or so they say
Yes, all is revealed in the light of day
So this star shone on, well bright and true
And held his course, as stars will do.

He shines on the weak, and those with might
He light he day and the moon at night
From the day we are born to the day we die
He will hold his place in the starry sky.

And though not all can shine so bright
Though at times we endure the night
We can take a tip from the constant sun
And shine our light on everyone.

Like that star born long ago,
Let your truth shine for all to know
If some spark within you glows,
KIndle that fire and let it grow.

So may you shine just like that star,
To help men see just how things are
And bring to light the things concealed,
By ignorance, and make darkness yield.

Tell out what's true and right and kind
And let your light forever shine.

© 2/2013 Dave Gibson
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