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(Midlands version)

Rise by Master Hector of the Black Height
Midlands verses by Master Cerian Cantwr

Rise, rise, oh rise!
With the Midland sun to warm us and the rivers as our guide;
With the windsong in my bowstring and a stout blade by my side;
With our children as our future and our legends as our pride;
We shall stand, we shall conquer, we shall rise!
Once there were but prairie grasses and the whisper of the wind.
In amid a ring of rivers, there our story did begin.
From a spot upon the inland sea came first of all our kin.
There our saga starts, the Midlands did arise.

We were once a land of legends, kingdoms here did have their birth.
But of fabled song and story, we have since then had a dearth.
Let us tell new tales and sing new songs of triumph and of worth.
And together we can make new legends rise.

When our army takes the field, its scarlet banner raised on high,
See the dragon annulo, the golden fire in its' eye.
With our scaly circled symbol flying free across the sky,
We shall march as one, the Midlands' host shall rise.

Come now one and all good gentles, join me in this gathering.
We shall join our songs together and will craft a wond'rous thing.
In triumph sing our glories, we shall set the stars to ring.
Lift your voice with mine, the Midlands' song shall rise.

Our odyssey goes onward now in hall and keep and field.
We are the Midland's treasure, we the sword, the bow, the shield;
We the life-blood, we the sinew, we the heart that shall not yield.
When we work as one, the Midlands shall arise!

Music & Refrain © 1999 Arthur McLean
Verses © 2000 Charles Grab
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