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Following Master Carlo

Lyrics: Master Cerian Cantwr            
Music: Follow Me Up to Carlow

From tip to tail, teal is seen,
Even his underwear is green -
A paragon of pork and beans,
With balls on his sombrero.
Armed with tuning fork and sword,
Commander Gumby leads the corps.
Midlands march we off to war,
Following Master Carlo.
A new man leads us off to war,
A cook who fights with music lore,
A slumlord on his third encore
The army's chief Midlander.
This man of much knickknackery;
Who's grizzled, gray, in green he'll be.
Unusual sartorially,
Our regional commander.

El capítan of crockery
Says small camps are a mockery,
Pooh-poohs such poppycockery -
Although his trailer's straining.
He's got a gross of pots and pans.
His kitchen moves by caravan.
Feed half of Pennsic, yes he can -
The food court is complaining.

He focused fights, berserker calm.
Beware him if he holds a shawm,
For woodwind blows can do you harm -
Your eardrums will be hammered.
He teaches music to the plants,
His cactus likes to sing and dance.
The succulent is well enhanced,
Of Terpsichore enamored.

Prepared for all contingency;
Musical, martial, or cookery.
The ringworm army's chief flunky,
A middle-aged Apollo.
This myrmidon of sauce and shawm
Plays reveille with the kettle on
And feeds the troops on beef bouillon.
It's Carlo whom we follow.

Lyrics © 2003 Charles Grab
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