Mid-Realm shield

This Song is from Calontir
Death, Doom, and Gloom

Mid-Realm shield

Master Cerian Cantwr            

Death, doom, and gloom,
Misery, sorrow, and fear,
Destruction, heartache, and tragic loss;
This song is from Calontir.

Heroes, mighty and brave,
Hopeless odds they've defied.
All of their valor does come to naught.
In the end, everybody has died.

Beautiful maidens galore,
Some of them virtuous, some not.
Whether saintly or sinful, their end is the same -
They lie in a churchyard plot.

No matter the spears on the hill,
Or how hard the shieldwall strives,
The Saxons lose Hastings again and again -
And nobody ever survives.

Both betrayer and the betrayed,
Both the evil and the good,
Whether moral or "im", "ose" or more;
All of them now are kaput.

Everyone slit their own wrist,
Or fall down upon their own blade.
Nobody lives, nobody loves,
And nobody ever gets…

© 1998 Charles Grab

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