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Calico Canturquil

Lyrics and Refrain: Master John Inchingham            
Music for Verses:   Master Alexander de Seaton

When hey diddle diddle, clawed the cat on the fiddle,
Brother Beaver played the bones.
The Bygolly Dog twanged, Otter sang refrain,
In that Canturquil cat’s windmill home.
Upon the bonny banks of the perilous Pilchard Sea,
There grew an ancient orchard of pale-red apple trees.
At the core of this old grove stood a wobbly windmill.
On the gears in the middle,
Sat a cat with a fiddle,
Called Calico Canturquil.

A beaver left the Abby of St. Bohdran’s Blessed Beasts,
To seek that minstrel moggy, Bard of Catastrophe;
Swam past nasty shad-fish; gnawed through gnarled apple boughs;
To the Windmill of Skew,
Where the tunecat mewed,
“Hey nonny nonny, holy cow!”

A dog of many moons jumped on a bygolly brigantine.
He sailed the sibilant Sea of Sinister Sardines;
Debarked in that garden of Eden’s famous fruit;
Then he strummed his guitar,
And he laughed, “Har har!
Hey cat, can I join your group?”

An errant otter joined the song of that mad menagerie.
“Long the shore, the four wasailed along, till Calico got hung-ery.
That cat’s crew said seafood would come to them who croon . . .
Though their meal-plan was daring,
When they sang to the herring,
All the fish swam away from the tune.

Lyrics & Refrain  © 2004 Steve Katlack
Music for Verses © John Seaton
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