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The Beer of Ballydoyle

Master Cerian Cantwr            

Brewed with barley of renown,
The ambrosia that's brown -
The finest foam that ever topped a head.
Filled with porter or with stout,
Your glass should never be without,
The beer that's Ballydoyle brewed and bred.

Verse 1:
If your throat's feelin' dry
There's a drink you must try.
You will shout and you'll cry
If the flow ever stops.
Every lad and every lass
Of any rank or class
Will find heaven in a glass
Of barley, malt, and hops.

So see that you do
Drink the brew that is true.
For 'tis thicker than stew,
Could be sold by the slice.
'Tis topped with the finest foam,
What could float a pavin' stone.
Makes a meal all on its own,
Does this pint o' paradise.

Verse 2:
The tipplin' o' liqueur
Will get you drunk quicker,
But make you much sicker
Than you've ever been.
And schnapps that are Prussian
Or vodka what's Russian,
Will have your face flushin'
A queer shade of green.

And so you should choose
To politely refuse,
Whenever such brews
Are offered your way.
Much better by far
To fill up your jar
With the beer black as tar
Made the Ballydoyle way.

Verse 3:
Now I've told my tale -
Shun pilsner or pale ale,
Transparent brews will fail
Compared to dark brown stuff.
Black as midnight, dark as peat,
None could ever be so sweet.
See through beer can not compete.
Who could ever get enough?

So live life with zest -
Fill you mug with the best
Of the beer that is blessed
With the Ballydoyle name.
For there's good in every drop,
From the bottom to the top.
It can cause your ills to stop,
Cure the sick, and heal the lame

© 2005 Charles Grab
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