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Welcome to MidBards - the on-line home of the Mid-Realm bardic community. This site is dedicated to the encouragement and support of the bardic arts within the Middle Kingdom and the Society for Creative Anachronism. We are made up of bards, troubadors, trouveres, minstrels, minnesingers, jongleurs, singers, storytellers, poets, scops, skalds, fillids, olaves, griots, wordsmiths, and friends of these arts. This site is meant to act as a community bulliten board, a knowledge base, and a repository of our work - a place to meet, teach, and be inspired. While our focus is on Mid-Realm bardic activities, anyone is welcome to make use of these pages. So welcome one and all. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions; please contact the webmaster, Cerian Cantwr.

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Jun 27, 2017:
  • Upcomng Event: Simple Day starts on June 30, 2017 for 3 day(s) in Sternfeld (Danville, IN)
Jun 21, 2017:
Jun 19, 2017:
  • Lorelei Skye's vigil for the Laurel will take place at Simple Day on 01-Jul-2017.
    The elevation will take place at Pennsic on Tuesday, 08-Aug-2017, in the Performing Arts Pavilion at 9 PM.
  • Caroline de Mercier's vigil and elevation to the Laurel will both take place at Baroness Wars on 26-Aug-2017.
Jun 12, 2017:
  • Lyric searches are now available for PDF documents. There are a handful (a dozen-ish) that can not be converted automatically - mostly those with sheet music or other images embedded in them. I'll eventually need to convert these by hand. Other than that, the entire MidBards lyric base is now searchable be keyword. Go find cool stuff :-)

What's New:

Jun 12, 2017:

Kingdom Bard
Lucia Elena Braganza

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