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Early Irish Garb Ensemble: Early Irish Garb Ensemble [Costuming, Culture Studies, Embroidery, Fiber Arts, History, Leatherworking, Nallbinding, Research, Shoe Making]
by Siobhán an Einigh of Connacht

For this entry I am presenting an example ensemble of early Irish garb. Clothing in early Ireland was regulated more based on rank and profession than by gender – here I demonstrate the garb of a higher ranked woman, a filidh bard in fact. I have used depictions from the Book of the Kells and the Cross of Muirdach to fill in where the archaeological record and legal codes do not, as linen does not survive particularly well over the years. Pictures associated with this document can be found in the accompanying Book of Pictures, with the relevant picture denoted by a section number and a letter indicating the order.


Book of Pictures

Pictures to go with the Documentation

Early Irish Garb Ensemble Documentation