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A Test Project: This is a test project. [Magic, improbablity]
by A Test Profile

This project is going to have elements from all of the project tabs. It is unlikely that any actual project would do that.

What materials were used in making this project?
Pure Kessel Run

What are the project's measurements?
12 parsecs

What kind of construction methods or techniques were used?
wishful thinking

Was the project based on a specific time or culture?
1066 and all that stuff

Were any modern materials or methods used? If so, what led to that decision?
I didn't have access to a period digital camera.

Was there a specific reaction or emotional response you wanted to cause in the viewer/audience? If so, how did you hope to achieve it?
sheer puzzlement. Entirely too successful.

Describe the process you went through in making the project.
Semi-random selection of files on my hard disc.
Now done twice.

What did you learn while working on this project?
That I should not be doing this unsupervised.

If you were to make this project again, what would you do differently?
Select different random files.

Were there any surprises?
None what so ever

Were there differences between what you set out to do and what you eventually did? How and why did the plan change?

What inspired you to create this project?
Needed an all things demo

How would you sum up this project and your experiences in making this?
nasty, brutish, and short

Anything else you'd like to say?
Don't ask.
These are not the words you're looking for.


Banshee's Lullaby

The lyrics for the Banshee's Lullaby

Northshield Bardic College Charter

The Charter for the Kingdom of Northshield Bardic COllege


Ave Maria

Lorelei Skye singing Franz Schubert's Ave Maria.
Recorded at Mikalyn and Seto's wedding.

Carnivereous Cheese

A scratch audio of Carnivorous Cheese.


MidBards home page

Northshield College of Bards website
The website for the Northshield College of Bards. "Out of date" does not even begin to cover it.

-John Matthews (ed), Bardic Source Book, London: Blandford (1998)
-Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett, Good Omens, New York: Berkley Books (1990)

-Due to a lack of time and some miscommunications, the actual charter - the one Ziggy and Bridei signed in court - is in my notebook.
-This is another note.

Order of the Crwth [cover photo]

Northshield's Order of the Crwth. Taken at their Bardic Madness 2017.

Reading the Charter in court

Reading the charter for the Kingdom of Northshield College of Bards at court.
Boar's Head 2004

NOTE: It may take embedded videos a moment or two to load.

Recording of Franken-Stein fro the first Bottles & Bards in Ansteorra.

Savage Daughter

Wyndreth and friends singing Savage Daughter.
Recorded at Northshield Bardic Madness 2016.