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Scroll Text: Laurel for Arrienne Ashford: Text for Arrienne Ashford's laurel scroll [Bardic]
by Cerian Cantwr

Text for Arrienne Ashford's laurel scroll.

-Threads do weave and intertwine,
In square and scallop, slope and line,
Like spider's silk, they do combine -
Spun in filigree so fine.

For, oh what tangled webs she'll weave,
Adorning collar, cuff, and sleeve -
Lachesis herself could scarce conceive
What Arrienne Ashford can achieve.

We, EikBrandr King and Runa Queen,
These wondrous works have duly seen,
Do hold her now in high esteem
And call Our laurels to convene.

We hereby grant this heartfelt boon,
Begged by the Daughter of the Moon,
We think it now most opportune
That she a laurel's rank assume.

So Arrienne will take her place
For making reticella lace,
This thirtieth May, done by Our grace,
As A.S. forty-four does race.

We want it plainly understood;
We think it proper, right, and good
That she should join this brotherhood.
Done on this day, in Vanished Wood.

scroll [cover photo]

Scroll by Mistress Jocelyn of Lutterworth